Agadir, The Beautiful City In Souhtern Morocco

On the site of present-day, Agadir the Portuguese founded a merchant town by the name of Santa Cruz do Capo de Gue in the early 1500s, the Arabs also recognized its favorable location, so the Sultan attacked it in 1541, the city which went to the hands of the Arabs, flourished for centuries, fearing the comeback of the Portuguese a Kasbah was built, on the 233 meter high mountain, rising above the port.

Sardine fishing meant to secure living for centuries, the warm water of the Gulf Stream stretched in front of the coasts of Agadir, and shoals of fish followed this stream, this is how the biggest sardine port in the world developed. Unfortunately some decades ago, the Gulf Stream was diverted from its former route, thus the shoals of fish rarefied as well in the part, even today fish auctions are held, primarily cold stores and fish processing factories bid on the bigger items. Those who long for real exoticism can go on a day-long cruise on the Atlantic Ocean, excellent lunch is made from the fish caught along the way, if they succeed in catching a shark they will prepare that to.

Agadir was not devastated by the earthquake in the 18th century, but the one that occurred in February 1960, the epicenter of the earth and sea quake was directly next to the city, the death toll was 15,000 practically, all the buildings in the city were ruined, the construction took years, maybe there are not any monuments but there are things to see, the new Great Mosque is just as nice as the old had been, in the place of the devastated old town, a new medina was built, which is practically a village museum where a little Arab town was created with the concentrated use of the materials and patterns of Moroccan architecture. Coco Polizzi designed by a famous Sicilian architect a town lying on an area of 4 square kilometers was made for the tourists, the conception was the synthesis of the motifs of the Mediterranean and the Berbers of the Sahara, to reduce the supposedly high cost of the construction, they collect admission fees, 180 handicraft shops, Arab cafes, and for restaurants can be found on the inside.

The construction is continuous in the near future, the develop of the Botanical Garden will be started, the prices and the shops are higher than in the bazaars, and it’s not possible to bargain as much, but the articles of controlled quality are made in front of your eyes, photographers should not miss this, if we sit around at this essence of Moroccan culture, we understand why Pierre loti the French writer who settled in Istanbul, saint exupery the pilot writer, Tennessee Williams, Jean Jane, a film directors Bernardo Bertolucci and George Lucas, the crime story writer Agatha Christie, and the Orientalist professor Germanous admired the country.

Agadir is primarily a holiday resort, with a pleasantly warm weather, often with hazy air in the mornings, and bright sunshine in the afternoons, due to its favorable location, the ocean moderates the warmth of the Sahara, and the Atlas protects it from the winds. The hotels of the city meet all expectations, you can find cheap little hotels further from the coast, and going towards the coast, you find four or five star luxury hotels, several hotels have their own Beach on the coast and you can find swimming pools in all of them, in many of them all-inclusive service is offered, fitness and wellness centers function in them, and the organizers tempt the tourists with different sports opportunities, in one of the hotels of Agadir operates the biggest thalassa therapeutic center of the world, on the sand of the coast you can try the camel ride, and on the farther sand dunes, you can ride a quad which is a four-wheel sand runner, you may serve for kite and they may also organized a long Yacht excursions.

As an evening program, you could see the high quality show at the Cafe de Paris, those who would like something more authentic, should not miss the Berber music; night dinner is served in a real Kasbah which consists of tajin and couscous naturally.

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